Fall Fashion and Handmade is what we do!

Fall Fashion and Handmade is what we do!

It's time for cooler weather! I thought it would never get here!

We are getting in new Fall Fashion every week! I am so excited about all of the new items I have been able to find and have available.

Our Business continues to grow and we are adding new services to the boutique!

We now have Direct to Film printing that is opening up so many possibilities!  The Christmas stockings pictured were handmade by our vendor Country Creations and we personalized them! 

I love how everyone here at the boutique works together and makes sure to have amazing products in the shop.

We are all excited to get Fall and Christmas merchandise stocked up. It truly does make me do a happy dance when someone finds the perfect gift for their special someone and I know that our people were able to make that happen!

I hope everyone is ready for the shopping season and we look forward to see you!

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