Our Begining

I am happily married  Mama of four beautiful children.  I have two older children and then two younger surprise children.  I think God knew I needed my two young ones to keep me busy. I have always been a worker and don't like to just sit around. 

Just like others we were living life.  Taking care of our home, kids and animals. Busy with our hustle and bustle every day.  But it all changed quickly.

We started noticing that my Mother-in-law was having issues. Since family is our priority, we made adjustments.  I quit working my full time manager job to stay at home and take care of my Mother-in-law, she had been diagnosed with dementia. Now let me tell you this disease is horrible.  It takes your loved one and leaves someone you don't know in their place. We manage though, even though some days are harder than others we are glad to have her at home with us.

Staying home  also allowed me to be at home with my young boys, so that was a major plus. I wish I would have been able to do that with my two older children.

Even though the situation was ideal in many ways,I got bored really quickly.  There is always house work to do, and my mother in law was in the beginning stages so  she required minimal care.  I started looking for something to do as a Hobby that I could make a little money too. That is when I started making shirts.  I quickly got into other merchandise because well I love to shop and wanted to share all of the products I found. 

Of course like many others I had big plans, my older daughters got excited and were getting involved. Then covid-19 hit and made us slow down.  We still kept on, but took the time to learn more about my real  dream of having a boutique.

See most people don't realize all of the work that goes into a business, and honestly I'm still learning.  As I struggled to try and sell products and then got a booth in a boutique in a neighboring town I realized even more how small business's struggled.  I had been hustling along doing craft fairs and using Facebook and then God said its time.  Its amazing what his power can do when its time.  Everything fell into place and in a months time I opened the boutique.

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